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Review: Biote's "Women in the Workplace Survey"

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The "Biote Women in the Workplace Survey" blog article, last updated on May 10, 2022, presents an insightful exploration of the impact of menopause on women's work performance and career advancement. It highlights the often overlooked and unspoken challenges faced by women in the workforce due to menopause, emphasizing the need for greater awareness, research, and workplace support. The survey involved 1,010 women aged 50 to 65 and reveals how menopause symptoms not only affect job performance but also contribute to significant numbers leaving the workforce. The blog underscores the importance of creating supportive work environments and adopting inclusive policies to address these challenges. For a detailed view, please refer to the full article on Biote's website.

Key Points from the article:

The "Biote Women in the Workplace Survey" article discusses the challenges women face due to menopause while working. Key points include:

  1. Survey Demographics: It involved 1,010 women aged 50-65.
  2. Menopause Impact on Work: The survey highlighted how menopause symptoms affect job performance.
  3. Workforce Departure: A significant number of women consider leaving or actually leave their jobs due to menopausal challenges.
  4. Need for Support: It emphasizes the importance of workplace support and understanding for women going through menopause.
  5. Policy Inclusion: The article suggests the necessity for inclusive policies to support women's health needs in the workplace.